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Hey I'm Kyra!

pronounced (Kee-ruh)


I’m a Boston based photographer serving New England & beyond!


For almost ten years I have worked professionally in photography. I have worn many hats in the field which range from assistant, to being the in-house photographer for the leather company Buxton. My extensive experience in the field makes me an incredibly diverse and well-rounded photographer.


I am a visual person by nature — my interests have always been rooted in the artistic realm. My passion for photography not only lies in the physical part of the creative process but in the emotional and spiritual as well.


During our time together, I will not only be focusing on the big moments but the moments that you may not have even realized were taking place — it is in those finer details that make the memories of your day that much sweeter. 


I believe that the best stories are told through emotion. My ability to convey emotion through my photographs is something that I take immense pride in. To deliver a gallery to newlyweds and have them relive all of those giddy feelings that they felt on their wedding day is what I strive for.


                        That is how your story gets told.


When you hire me as your photographer, you will not only be preserving the visual and tangible memories of your day, but the emotional ones that leave imprints on your heart.

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