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Your comfort comes first

Our goal is to make everyone in front of our camera feel happy, comfortable and relaxed. You won't have to worry about being too awkward for the camera, because we are there to help guide you throughout your session every step of the way.


" We are professional photographers"


Sure, that means that we provide our clients with high-quality photos, but to us at Glow Image Design it means so much more.


We know first hand how special this moment is and how nervous you may feel--believe me, we totally get it.

Since we have been in your shoes --and know first-hand how intimidating it can be-- we have made it  our mission to make you as comfortable as possible; not only while you are in front of our lens, but from the very first time we meet.


Bring your magic, and let us do the rest.

Whether you are having an intimate wedding at a beach, or a maternity session in the woods, we are ready with cameras in hand and smiles on our faces. For us, it’s all about creating memories with authentic emotions. During our time together, nothing matters more than making you feel as special as you are. We are here to capture those moments that you will look back  on years from now and not just see a photo, but feel a twinge of nostalgia.

Meet the Team

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